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Stump grinding is where the base of the tree and leftover roots are physically removed after the tree has been felled. In many cases, the stump can be left in the ground to naturally decay over time; the nutrients of the stump will return to the ground and allow woodland and fungi to thrive. Despite this being the best solution for nature, this isn’t always possible, convenient or advantageous for the landowner.

Stump Removal

We can carry out this task of removing the stump with our own specialist portable equipment, which allows us access to the smallest of spaces and can remove stumps of any size. The major benefit of stump removal is that it helps lower the risk of pathogens and disease being spreading to other trees and plants in the immediate area. When the stump is the remainder of an unhealthy tree, the spread of disease is entirely possible and quite likely. Another common reason for removing remaining stumps are where the land is being developed. In these situations, the stump is usually required to be removed fully to ensure it does not cause damage or become a potential hazard.

There are two main ways to remove a stump. Firstly, the stump can be removed by being physically dug out of the ground with equipment such as a winch. This is usually only feasible for small tree stumps and becomes a labour-intensive and time-consuming task when the tree stump is too large.

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